This band is breaking out of the norm, they are
doing their own style, there own way, which is really
rare for bands now days, most bands want to be like
every other band there is, but this band is fresh and
raw.  They have their own sound souly true to them,
not a copy of other bands, Nigels voice is amazing,
such talent, the song writing is top notch. I would
say they are a bit 80's style mixed with pure kick ass
rock, how do you get better than that? You don't!!
Nigel has been brought up to rock n roll, his Dad is
the one and only front man for Jackyl the one and
only Jesse James Dupree.  So naturally the band
has the knowledge of kick ass rock n roll.  This band
is so great live I have seen them live 5 times, and
every time they keep getting better.  They are great
in all areas, this band is gonna be huge.  I just got to
see them at Bogart's in Cincinnati Ohio December
10th, they opened for Jackyl, the fans were going
insane, to see THE NIGEL DUPREE BAND,  110%.  
Also this band is down to earth, and great with the
fans, totally win win for a band.  I strongly urge
everyone if you get a chance to see them go see
them you will not be let down..
I want to personally thank Nigel for everything, Nigel
we love you, don't ever change!!
Kim Goodman